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"Pure, powerfull, and precise."

"While there´s no such a thing as a perfect speaker, Amphion´s Argon³L comes as close as I´have heard..."

Philip Beaudette






































Argon³L  floorstander is closely based on the Argon³ bookshelf, which is praised for its midrange resolution. The design concept of Argon³L was simple, yet highly challenging:
  • Take Argon³ - one of world´s best bookshelf speakers 
  • Create more bass extention without loosing midrange magic.

Solution: Keeping midrange separated from the woofer section. Developing an internal bass loading for the lower registers.Develop a transparent floorstander -  or a reference quality monitor with integrated stand.

End result: A floorstander with midrange purity which equals the best mini-monitors, yet provides added authority for low registers. 

To achieve the almost undoable task of keeping the midrange magic while creating more bass energy a highly complex and innovative enclosure structure was developed. Midrange and woofer chambers are separated, which keeps the upper bass from interfering with the midrange.

A very solid, complex and heavily braced cabinet  and a proprietary bass loading system allows the woofer to keep its midrange clarity yet produce lower octaves with more authority.

Added enclosure volume allows bass frequencies to reach below 30Hz. Furthermore Argon³L has true realistic bass authority without the usual midrange-masking upper bass bloat present in most mid priced floorstanders. And a true reference quality mini-monitor midrange.

High degree of three dimensionality and good bass extention make Argon³L a perfect speakers for high quality two-channel systems, which are also used for enjoying movies. Argon³L produces a fulfilling cinema experience - no subwooder or center speaker needed.


U/D/D stands for Uniformly Directive Diffusion. By creating even dispersion the anomalies caused by wall, floor and ceiling reflections are minimized. This allows the listener to hear less of their room and more of their music.


Technical specifications

Operating principle: 2-way, vented
Tweeter: 1" titanium Integrator
Mid / woofer: 6,5" aluminium
Crossover point: 1600 Hz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Frequency response: 30 - 30 000 Hz
Power recommendation: 30 - 150 W
Measurements (h x w x d): 968 x 191 x 305 mm
Weight: 23 Kg
Colours: black, white, full white and veneer wood cherry, birch and walnut


Reviews & Awards


"Smooth, clean, neutral and very well controlled, with a wide dynamic range." 

Paul Messenger, Hifi Choice


"Insightful, engaging, detailed and distinguished sounding floorstanding speakers with ice cool aesthetics."

"An interesting pair of loudspeakers, the Amphion Argon³Ls proved a calm, reassuringly accurate and engaging listening companion with oodles of detail and insight, especially, across the midband. They get on with playing music in an enjoyably complete way. Well worth braving the cold for an audition!"

David Price, Hi-Fi World


"Waveguide loaded tweeter delivers superior coherence and imaging. Argon³ L has its special voice, like the unclouded sky, clean and exquisite.”

Argon³L customer Morgan Woo, Shanghai, China


"If I were allowed only three words to summarize the performance of the Amphion Argon³L, they would be pure,powerful, and precise. I have not heard another speaker as beautifully integrated, as wonderfully coherent, or as close to full-range as this. For my tastes, the Argon³L performed a near-perfect balancing act: it sounded astonishingly clean and faithful to the signals fed it, while remaining musical and capable of holding my attention for long periods of time. Add to this its ability to produce sufficient low-end weight to give music a real firm underpinning, and an appearance that has earned it the title "best-looking speaker I’ve had in my listening room," and I think the Argon³L makes a strong case for being a complete speaker. At just under $4000/pair it isn’t cheap, but I’ve heard more expensive speakers that don’t sound nearly as good. While there’s no such thing as a perfect speaker, Amphion’s Argon³L comes as close as I’ve heard to reaching that elusive ideal."

Philip Beaudette,