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"Musical neutrality"

There are speakers that are classified as neutral.
There are speakers that are classified as musical.

Yet only a few can be claimed to possess "Musical Neutrality".


Argon7L has ruler flat response. But it does not sound like that. Argon7L offers transparency and neutrality, but is never dry nor irritating. It offers high level of musicality, but is never coloured.

High quality drivers, extremely simple crossover and innovative enclosure structure provide a clean, wide window to all types of music. With high levels of transparency and neutrality, listerners can discover new thrilling details from their favourite recordings. Even the non perfect ones.

A high 93dB sensitivity allows the Argon7L to work with low powered valve and Class A amplifiers also.


U/D/D stands for Uniformly Directive Diffusion. By creating even dispersion the anomalies caused by wall, floor and ceiling reflections are minimized. This allows the listener to hear less of their room and more of their music.

Technical specifications

Operating principle: 2-way, vented
Tweeter: 1" titanium
Mid / woofer: 2 x 6,5" aluminium
Crossover point: 1600 Hz
Impedance: 4 ohm
Sensitivity: 93 dB
Frequency response: 28 - 30 000 Hz +/- 3dB
Power recommendation: 10 - 150 W
Measurements (h x w x d): 1160 x 191 x 305 mm
Weight: 30 Kg
Colours: white, fullwhite, fullwhite with black grids


Reviews & Awards

 Show Highlights:  Amphion Argon7L  in New York Audio A/V Show 2012

"Hegel Audio also teamed up with Amphion to show off the new Argon 7L to produce deep, powerful bass, lightning-fast transients and dynamics that will lift your eyebrows right off your face. Magic combo! Not cheap, to be sure, but if you were going by show-acoustics alone, you'd be forgiven for wondering why you should bother with megabuck speakers after spending time in here."

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