Sound Card HT Omega  Striker 7.1

STRIKER 7.1 package: HT OMEGA's package has onboard digital input and output supports and works with Front Panel audio. As always, you can receive powerful Dolby Digital or DTS sound through your AV receiver in real time whether you're gaming, producing, or just listening. STRIKER 7.1 also supports headphone link detection on Front Panel Connector, which means you can mute front analog output when headphone is attached to Front Panel Audio. (Patent Pending in USA)
  • Built-in front panel audio support (Patent Pending)
  • Enhanced Microphone volume level
  • Onboard Digital optical and coaxial input/output
  • 10ft (3m) optical included


STRIKER 7.1 is the premier solution in audio featuring a set of eight outputs, as well as digital input/output in an organized design. Expand your system with the S/PDIF optical and coaxial outputs by adding your own external recorder or amplifier: transfer digital audio data without the loss of quality. And STRIKER 7.1 provides a full surround sound environment in high resolution digital audio while gaming, relaxing with music, or watching the latest action movie via Dolby Digital Live or DTS: Interactive.

STRIKER 7.1 fully supports 7.1 surround sound with your MP3 and DVD library. Immerse yourself in a reproduction of the rich environment that the moviemakers intended -- theatrical sound on your desktop computer. Listen to stereo music in more channels than you ever have before. Create a realistic virtual environment for your gaming experience. And STRIKER 7.1 supports Virtual Speaker Shifter mode for conveying surround and 3D gaming audio over your stereo headphones.

So user can enjoy Hollywood movies on your desktop computer, with the same audio reproduction that moviemakers intended to reproduce in the theater - 7.1 theatrical surround sound. Or listen to MP3s, other stereo music and even gaming in a virtual surround sound environment with up to 7.1 channels of surround sound.


Front Panel Audio : The Front Panel Audio connector with STRIKER 7.1 Front Panel Audio automatically supports link detection. With the Front Panel Audio enabled, users can connect a second microphone without any reduction in input signal levels. The Front Panel Audio function supports auto detection of resistance levels so when a user connects their headphones to the panel, the analog outputs of the sound card will be muted automatically but will not mute the analog inputs when connecting computer speakers. .
Check- Front Panel Audio Usage  

Dolby Digital Live: real-time encoding technology. DDL converts any audio signal into a Dolby Digital bit stream (48kHz at 640 Kbps) through a single cable connection (coaxial or optical) to your Dolby Digital enabled surround sound system. The real-time interactive capabilities of DDL technology reproduce audio cues and effects that follow the on-screen action, capturing the essence of gameplay and transforming it into exciting and realistic entertainment.

DTS INTERACTIVE: Take any LPCM (2+ channels) and encode it into DTS bit stream (48kHz at 1.5 Mbps). What does this mean? Connect directly with just a single cable connection (coaxial or optical) to your DTS enabled surround sound system. Stereo and multi-channel sources up to 5.1 are encoded into a DTS audio signal and sent out from the Striker 7.1 sound card to whatever DTS enabled system you own: powered PC speakers, an A/V receiver, any other surround decoder sound system. Eliminate the clutter and cost of multiple analog cables

DTS NEO:PC : DTS NEO:PC is a matrix technology that instantly transforms any 2 channel audio into full 7.1 surround sound. Turn your stereo audio (WMA, MP3, CD) into a convincing multi-channel audio experience. DTS NEO:6 has provided you with surround sound from stereo sources in your home theater, now NEO:PC is optimized for your laptop or desktop setup and is the perfect companion to DTS INTERACTIVE.



C-Media CMI8770/PCI-8ch PCI Chipset (8CH audio chipset with Dolby Digital Live

High performance OPAMPs for Output channels and MIC Input with enhanced microphone input level circuit design

Front Panel Audio support: 10pin connector for Front Panel Audio(AC97 compatible) of PC case. (U.S. Patent Pending)

Onboard Optical transmitter for Optical Digital Output, Gold Plated RCA connector for Coaxial Digital Output

Onboard Optical receiver for S/PDIF input.
2pin connector for Coaxial Digital input (Optional CA1 needs for Coaxial input.
See CA1 cable. )

C-Media Xear 3D 7.1 Virtual Speaker SHIFTER technology.

EAX1.0, 2.0, HRTF-based 3D Positional Audio (C3DX ), DirectSound3D Software

DTS Interactive - A real-time 5.1 channel encoder.

DTS Neo:PC - An upmix matrix technology.

Dolby Digital Live (DDL) - A real-time 5.1 channel encoding.

Unique Karaoke functionality: Mic Echo, Key-shifting, Vocal Cancellation

10-band Equalizer with 12 preset modes; 27 global environment effects

Supports 7.1Ch playback

10ft (3m) optical digital cable included

Supported operating systems: Microsoft XP, VISTA and Windows7.