Loa Nuforce S3-BT không dây bluetooth





Delivering a level of audiophile-quality that many dedicated enthusiasts have longed for—wirelessly.The NuForce S3-BT is an active loudspeaker featuring high-fidelity (apt-X and AAC) Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It's designed to fit your modern lifestyle and decor while also delivering a level of audiophile-quality that many dedicated enthusiasts have longed for—wirelessly.

S3-BT có 2 màu. White hoặc Black để bạn chọn

Loa không dây bluetooth ( hỗ trợ apt-X và AAC)  cho âm thanh trung thực, nó được thiết kế để phù hợp với lối sống hiện đại cũng như nội thất trong nhà bạn,



Loa đă tích hợp amplifier class D công suất 36Watts.

Codec apt-X cho phép truyền âm thanh với chất lượng hi fi - Audio CD quality - qua công nghệ không dây bluetooth. Trên thị trường có khá nhiều thiết bị di động, Smartphone, Laptop, Mac.. hỗ trợ codec apt-X này.

Ngoài ra nó cũng có 1 đường tín hiệu âm thanh vào chuẩn RCA, sử dụng với các thiết bị khác như TV, hệ thống âm thanh khác, hay ngay cả với sản phẩm Nuforce AirWireless .Và 1 Jack cắm usb để sạc điện cho các thiết bị kiểu như iphone, chứ ko phải là để đọc dữ liệu âm thanh.

Hoặc với máy tính bạn có thể mua thêm thiết bị có tên là Sennheiser BTD 500, được kết nối đơn giản qua cổng cắm usb, thiết bị này tích hợp công nghệ không dây bluetooth codec apt-X, điều đó đảm bảo sự  đồng bộ các thiết bị cùng chuẩn apt-X,  cho chất lượng âm thanh đúng như khả năng đáp ứng của nó.

CD Quality Bluetooth Wireless Loudspeaker


The NuForce S3-BT is an active loudspeaker featuring high-fidelity (apt-X and AAC) Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It's designed to fit your modern lifestyle and decor while also delivering a level of audiophile-quality that many dedicated enthusiasts have longed for-wirelessly.

Bluetooth (BT)-enabled devices are now commonplace, but most have always had one weakness - mediocre sound quality. While many BT speakers work well for basic applications, they really aren't able to deliver high quality sound-at least not by NuForce standards. That's because they employ the old and inferior "SBC" codec. In contrast, the NuForce S3-BT is based on the latest "apt-X" codec, which was developed to enable the kind of crystalline sound that NuForce customers have come to expect.


Design & Features

Regardless of how the signal is delivered to it, every speaker is still a speaker at its core, so sound quality always dependends on the fundamental principles of speaker design, including the materials used. We kept this in mind when designing the S3-BT, which we built upon a platform of advanced design and superior components. The woofer is constructed using a proprietary "anti-resonance" cone technique and powerful magnet assembly, while the tweeter is a custom soft-dome design known among audiophiles for offering the lowest distortion and smoothest natural response.

In its "standard mode," out-of-the-box form, the S3-BT with apt-X codec offers exceptional Bluetooth performance. Even so, for those hardcore audiophiles who demand the highest level of wireless fidelity, we've made the S3-BT upgradeable by including an additional set of analog inputs in the design. This allows the user to bypass the standard Bluetooth connection in favor of using NuForce's own Air DAC wireless system, or even a wired connection.

The advantage to using the NuForce Air DAC is that it was designed to achieve a level of true 16-bit performance that simply isn't possible with the Bluetooth standard. As good as Bluetooth with apt-X is, the S3-BT mated with the NuForce Air DAC sounds even better.

Whether you choose to use the S3-BT's "standard mode" Bluetooth wireless, or upgrade its sound with the Air DAC system, the S3-BT offers a much needed, audiophile-grade alternative to mediocre wireless sound. Don't settle for less than the best any longer: get the clarity, detail and power all NuForce products are known for, with the NuForce S3-BT.



  • Best sound from mobile devices. Utilizes the latest AAC (iPod, iPad, iPhone) and apt-X Bluetooth compression Codecs (Select Apple products* and Android devices) for CD-quality wireless audio
  • Most advanced audio performance from a BT speaker to date
  • Secondary analog inputs for integration with TV or other home audio devices
  • Analog inputs can also be used for upgrading to NuForce Air DAC wireless system offering even more outstanding audiophile grade performance and negligible latency
  • Elegant design wrapped in soft black or white leatherette
  • Compact bookshelf size that fits any room or decor
  • Wireless freedom - music playback from any Bluetooth device
  • Proprietary anti-resonance woofer & custom coating soft-dome tweeter
  • Efficient Class-D amplification for crystalline sound and low power consumption

** Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion Oss, Mac Mini (latest gen), MacBook Air (latest gen), MacBook Pro (latest gen)


  • Speakers: 1" soft dome tweeter x 2 3.5" composite paper cone woofer x 2
  • Maximum power output: 18 Watt x 2 RMS
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Harmonic distortion: 0.5% 1 W 1 kHz
  • Signal/Noise ratio: > 75 dB
  • Separation: > 45 dB
  • Speaker output on right channel unit: Five-way binding posts
  • Speaker input on left channel unit: Five-way binding posts
  • Analog Input: RCA Jacks
  • USB Charger Port: 5v, 1A output (strictly for charging mobile devices only, no audio/data transmitting)
  • Bluetooth wireless connection: Bluetooth core version 4.0 with aptX , SBC, AAC codecs; A2DP and AVRCP profiles
  • Packaging Content: S3-BT Bookshelf Speakers 2 pcs 3.5mm stereo to RCA Cable 1 pc Interconnect Speaker Cable 1 pc AC Power Adapter 1 pc User Manual 1 pc
  • Height: 18 cm (7.08 inches)
  • Width: 11.6 cm (4.57 inches)
  • Depth: 19 cm (7.48 inches)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (5.51 lbs)
Một số thiết bị hỗ trợ codec apt-X

>The following 3rd party devices/configurations have built-in Apt-X support (updated 07/18/12):

Creative Ziio Tablet 7 inch
Creative Ziio Tablet 10 inch
Creative Zen X-Fi3
Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion Operating Systems
Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.0 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7
Motorola Razr and Razr Maxx
Apple Mac Mini (latest generation with latest OS update)
Apple Macbook Air (latest generation with latest OS update)
Apple Macbook (latest generation with latest OS update)
Burmester 113 DAC
Arcam Wireless Bluetooth DAC
Samsung Galaxy S III
Sharp Aquos Phone SH-06NERV
Sharp Aquos Phone SH-07D
Sharp Aquos Phone ISW16SH
Sharp Aquos Phone SH-09