NuForce Audio Interconnects XLR IC-700X  Male and Female








IC-700 Interconnect Cable

Like the SC-700 Speaker Cable, the IC-700 Interconnect features Focused Field design, implemented with a hollow-core conductor for maximum skin surface and conductor proximity. The IC-700's low-loss dielectric permits extended highs with minimal signal degradation and dielectric interaction. The double-layered shield, consisting of copper braid and copper foil, offers the highest degree of signal isolation across the frequency spectrum. And, like our speaker cable, the IC-700 features OFHC copper for the smooth signal transmission via a virtually flawless, grain-free conductor.

  1. Hollow clear polypropylene as the core for each conductor.
  2. Multiple strands of fine gauge bare, soft, annealed, OFHC copper wrapped around Core A at 24AWG total gauge per conductor.
  3. Gas-injected foamed polyethylene extruded around Conductor B, then twice again, each extrusion with colored stripes: B1 with red stripe, B2 with black stripe.
  4. Copper braid, annealed copper providing 'f' with 90% coverage.
  5. A copper foil tape wrapped around 'g' for 100% coverage.
  6. Soft conductive rubber filler.
  7. Anti-static jacket.

The IC-700 Interconnect is available with RCA or Neutrik XLR terminations