iQube  Silvercab-Hybrid 3,5" mini - 3,5" mini cable cable 
mă sản phẩm 1007 dài 15cm


Dây truyền tín hiệu âm thanh từ Iphone, Ipod,Ipad đến headphone amplifier hoặc thiết bị Hifi, được làm từ đồng tinh khiết OCC ( được xử lư bằng phương thức tôi luyện đặc biệt) cho âm thanh chi tiết, cân bằng , sống động ở các ḍng nhạc phổ biến và ḍng nhạc Jazz, Rock...


This new developed audio interlink cable design has been based on the Silvercab-pro line, Mundorf silver/gold alloy signal leads. However the central return/ground has been chosen for OCC copper.

We have chosen OCC, a single crystalline copper (created by a special annealing process) with a higher performance then the more known OFC or HOFC.

Please find here a detailed description on OCC copper.

This adding of a copper return wire really enhances the performance of the cable. The low/mids are more pronounced and better defined then by a full silver/gold wired cable. It make the whole sound spectrum more balanced and has a better dynamics. Specially for Jazz, Rock and Popular music.

As I had always been a more silver oriented person I did not expect that adding copper in the design would make such a difference. But when I started proto typing with OFC I knew it was a winner. And then I ran across a company manufacturing OCC copper. Once I used their copper, that really blew me in the face.

I wish you all many happy listening hours.