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Chuyển đổi độ phân giải nhanh, chậm ngay trên chuột khi đang chơi game bởi nút bấm gần nút cuộn.







Chuột quang có mắt cảm biến công nhệ DELTA ZERO có độ phân giải từ 250DPI đến 2500 DPI. Tuổi thọ phím bấn chuột 20 triệu lần click.







Chuột sử dụng vật liệu tiên tiến để cải thiện sự thoải mái và độ bền, để chống lại nhiệt và độ ẩm tích tụ. Khu vực ḷng bàn tay cầm chuột được phủ lớp chống lại nước, mồ hôi,..







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Thông số kỹ thuật của sản phẩm


Resolution: 250 dpi - 2500 dpi
Max. acceleration*: 20 G
Max. speed*: up to 120 inches (4.08 meters)/second

 *Tested on popular gaming mousepad surfaces.

USB report rate: Up to 500 reports/second
Dynamic coefficient of friction*: .09 μ (k)
Static coefficient of friction*: .14 μ (s)

 *Tested on wood-veneer desktop.
Buttons (Left/Right): 20 million clicks
Feet: 250 kilometers
System Requirements

Windows® 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista® or Windows XP
USB port
Internet connection for optional software download*

 *Some profile settings require Logitech Gaming Software, available at logitech.com/downloads.



Giới thiệu của hăng về sản phẩm


Delta Zero sensor technology

Accuracy is everything

Building on the powerful legacy of the G1 and G100 gaming mice, G100s features exclusive Delta Zero sensor optimizations for high-accuracy cursor control. Whether zipping across the screen or honing in on a single pixel, the 2500 DPI sensor responds accurately to your hand movements. The LED-illuminated sensor is designed to go beyond simple eye/hand coordination, diminishing the thinking required to move your character, adjust your sniper scope, select RTS units or direct MOBA skill shots.


Ultra-durable build

Goes the distance, and then some

Gaming conditions torture typical mice. A typical League of Legends player may make over 50,000 clicks per game. G100s is designed to endure. Upgraded primary mechanical microswitches are rated to a 20 million-click lifespan. And low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet are tested to last an amazing 250 km.


Advanced surface materials

A difference you can feel

G100s uses advanced materials for improved comfort and durability. To combat heat and moisture build-up, we added a durable hydrophobic coating to the palm area. For heavy contact zones, we added fingerprint-resistant coatings on the primary buttons.


Comfortable, ambidextrous shape

Comfort is king

With a natural contoured grip designed for maximum comfort, you’ll outlast the competition regardless of your hand size, grip style or handedness. The inverted trapezoid shape encourages a sure grip without a second thought.



In-game sensitivity switching
Be ready in an instant
Make the right moves in any game situation. Shift through up to three DPI settings, from pixel-precise targeting (250 DPI) to lightning-fast maneuvers (up to 2500 DPI) with a single button press, conveniently located behind the scroll wheel.

2-millisecond report rate
Thought and action unite
Be confident your every command is executed as quickly as possible. Four times faster than a standard USB mouse, G100s captures your moves as fast as you can make them.

Lightweight design
Streamlined for speed
G100s is light enough for quick, effortless movement with enough heft for precision placement and solid cursor control.

Highlighted gaming keys
Proper play position
Every gamer knows not every key is equal. The WASD and arrow keys feature colored highlights, making them easy to find and anchor your play position.

No software required
Unpack, plug-in, and play on
No one wants to wait to get into the game. Simply unpack the keyboard, plug the cable into a USB or PS/2 port, and you’re ready to go – no software required.