Loa Edifier S730  - Loa 2.1

- Power output: RMS 2 x 75W + 180W (THD=10%)
- Signal to noise ratio (amplifier): >=85dBA
- Input sensitivity: PC: L/R: 600mV +/- 50mV SW: 300mV +/- 30mV
- Frequency response: L/R: 166Hz ~ 20kHz SW: 20Hz ~ 154Hz

- Heavy metal 2.1 speaker system with 10 inch subwoofer
- Wooden MDF housing for all speakers
- 2-way satellite in piano finished wooden housing
- Passive radiator on both sides on the subwoofer to exaggerate bass performance
- Magnetically shielded drivers for all speakers
- Switchable analog/digital input ports for most kinds of audio source
- Multifunctional wire controller with 2.5 inch LCD display (dimmer included)
- Headphone output on wired remote controller
- Master volume controls both speaker output and headphone output
- Volume booster for extra power output
- Separate bass and treble adjustments
- Multifunctional wireless remote controller included